Student Employee Evaluation

Student employee evaluation is the process by which a student employee is examined in terms of his work and performance. There are many students who work along with their studies within the university which helps them to earn money and also gain work experience that they can show in their resume. Student employee evaluation helps to communicate what the employer wants from the employee, what are their expectations and how far the student has been able to meet them. It motivates the student employee to push himself harder and the employer can help him formulate strategies to perform better here and also in the future when he gets a regular job.

Sample Student Employee Evaluation:

Name: Vinnie Matthews

Name of university: San Jose University

Address: 392 West Coast Road, San Jose

Type of job: Receptionist

Review period: 2011-2012

Vinnie has been working as the receptionist of our student help office since the past 11 months now and we have evaluated her in the following areas. We have also added our comments based on that evaluation:

  • Job duties: The student is good in her work and does what she is told to do. We would, however, like to see more initiative from her and how we can make the work more interesting and help students better
  • Skills: She has very good communication and networking skills and is liked by all the students. She is detail-oriented and keeps everything well-organized. Her familiarity with computers and the latest technology also helps

  • Areas of improvement: We want her to be more proactive but are satisfied with her performance in general

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