Student Conference Evaluation

Student conference evaluation is the process of evaluating a meeting or conference organized by students for a particular cause where students are the only participants, although they can be accompanied by a teacher. The conference may have different events where certain issues are discussed, presentations are made, decisions are taken regarding a topic, and all this is done by the students. Based on their experience, students or the accompanying teachers are asked to evaluate the conference and give their comments on how to improve it. The evaluation is done on the basis of the topics discussed, usefulness of the topics, involvement of the students and so on.

Sample Student Conference Evaluation:

Name of conference: Children for Earth Conference 2012

Location: Orlando, Florida

Summary: It is a conference where children from different parts of the state come together and discuss the ways by which they can make everyone more eco-friendly and make more green decisions to help sustain the earth

The evaluation of the student conference was done on the following areas:

  • Importance of topic: The conference tackled a wide number of topics which are relevant in today’s times. They were useful and practical
  • Organization: Everything was very systematic and the students organized the place very well

  • Location: The location was apt, parking was easily available and it was not difficult to locate the venue

  • Recreational activities: The conference had a good balance of serous work related discussion and lot of recreational activities related to the issues which was a welcome break

  • Over-all impression: I rate the conference good, although there were areas of improvement

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