Staff Evaluation Form

A staff evaluation form is a document that seeks to gather opinion from clients, customers and patrons, of an institution’s staff and their ability and courtesy. It must be aimed at gathering data that will lead to significant changes or policies adopted that will result in the improvement of staff service. A staff evaluation form must have direct and relevant questions which will encourage persons taking the evaluation to be honest and forthright.

Sample Staff Evaluation Form:

Name of restaurant: ________________________________

Date of staff evaluation: _______________ [dd/mm/yy]

1. As a patron of this restaurant, how would you judge the skills of the restaurant staff on the following point?

(a) Courtesy: _______________________________

(b) Helpfulness: _____________________________

(c) Efficiency: _______________________________

2. Would you agree that the staff of this restaurant is an asset to this institution? Would you be willing to trust their opinions on the best food and the best wine?

(a) Yes, the staff is helpful and extremely well trained. They are knowledgeable about the various dishes on offer and the wines to go with them.

(b) The staff is helpful and courteous but they are not very proficient in offering useful advice.

(c) The staff is rude and unhelpful.

3. Would you agree that this restaurant’s success is due to its trained and efficient staff?


4. What are your expectations from the staff of any restaurant that you care to patronize?


5. Which are the areas that our staff can work on in order to improve their performance?

(a) Manners

(b) Overall efficiency of service

(c) Knowledge of food and beverage

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