Special Education Evaluation

A special education evaluation is, as clear from the term, a special type of an evaluation procedure that aims at assessing the disabilities of students, which may include visual or hearing impairments, mental retardation, psychological and emotional problems, speech problems or any behavioural defects. It is important to conduct such evaluations properly as they reflect sensitive issues which demand immediate and proper action.

Sample Special Education Evaluation:

Student name: George Steven

Age: 7 years

Name of the school: St. Joseph School

Evaluation commissioned by: Centre for All-Round Development of Children.

George has been assessed by his teachers and also psychology experts to be an autistic child and his works and activities never involve anyone but him. Hence the purpose of the evaluation is to prepare an overview of the various tools employed for his development and the effects of such techniques on him, whether positive or otherwise.

Parents are requested to kindly co-operate in this evaluation by answering correctly the following few questions.

1. Did the school conduct an assessment of your child’s functional behaviour?

a)   Yes, they did.

b)   May be they did. We do not have any such information.

c)   Nothing as such was done.

2. Does the school involve doctors and other experts in the concerned field?

a)   Yes, they bring psychiatrists and counselors.

b)   Not sure.

c)   I don’t think they do so.

3. Has your child faced any type of discrimination?

a)   Yes he has, regarding language/ caste/ race _________________ [please tick the correct option or anything else, if it be so]

b)   No.

4. Is your child improving?

a)   Definitely.

b)   Only slight improvements.

c)   I have not noticed any change.

5. Will you like to continue with this education?

a)   Surely.

b)   Not anymore.

6. Your feedback: ___________________________________________________________

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