Social Marketing Evaluation

The social marketing evaluation is done after the social marketing program which is done to determine and change the attitude of the audience in question towards particular products and services. Business institutions use this sort of evaluation to see how aware the audience is about the products and services and how well advertisements have been able to reach to the required target audience. This does not gauge the increase in the number of consumers but determines how far it has been successful in improving the quality of people’s lifestyle. Through this, one can determine whether the target audience has been reached and whether the target goals have been achieved. This is also useful in understanding whether the desired behavioral change has been made or not.

Sample Social Marketing Evaluation:

Name of Company: Mariucci Groups Pvt. Ltd.

Evaluation by: Social Webbers Co.

Date: 13/4/2011

Purpose: To ascertain whether the newly launched product by the Mariucci Groups has reached the required consumer market and to ascertain the reactions received.

Please respond to the following:

Has the product been able to live up to its promised expectation?

  1. Sufficiently
  2. Some what
  3. Not much

Have the advertisement campaigns been able to explain the advantages of the product?

  1. Definitely
  2. Some of it is clear
  3. Not at all

Please rate the product in terms of its usefulness in your life

  1. 1 [lowest]
  2. 10 [highest]
  3. ____ [your rating]

Has the product improved the quality of your lifestyle?

  1. Vast improvement
  2. Some improvement
  3. None

Will you recommend this product to your friends/family?

  1. Certainly
  2. No

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