Small Business Evaluation

Small businesses do require strategic planning in order to run smoothly and achieve maximum possible profit. Therefore, small business evaluation should be framed such a way so that it is effective in measuring the implementation of business goals and continuing operations involved.

Sample Small Business Evaluation

Name of the business: Agro Biofertilizer

Business contact details: 35, Lewis Road

North Minnesota, USA -67788

Contact number: 79898909

Date of submitting the evaluation: 6th January 2011

Evaluation conducted by: Association of small and cottage industries.

Purpose: To create a clear picture of the internal regulation and upcoming plans of the company in front of prospective clients.

Business License number: S65778

Please mark the right option in order to carry out an effective business evaluation process:

1. Does the profit line touch the expectation level?

a. Yes, very much

b. Sometimes depends on the market

c. It’s always beyond what is expected.

2. How many new clients the business has achieved in recent years?

a. More than five

b. less than Five

c. Not even one it’s still the same

3. What are the upcoming plans? Mention in brief._____________________________________________________

4. Do you think being a small business company has enough resources to handle consecutive two three losses? Justify the answer

a. Yes, definitely we do have the capability to handle a loss

b. May be depends on the situation

c. No, it would shut down immediately_________________________________________

5. What are shortcomings of the business process? What are the steps taken or planned to overcome them? Are they effective and accepted by others?


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