Shands Financial Evaluation

The Shands financial evaluation has been created for the purpose of keeping track of the financial activities within the particular non-profit organization. This evaluation keeps track of cash inflow and outflow within the organization. It is done to ensure that all funds are being properly used for the medical facilities so that grants can be applied for from the necessary donators. This evaluation also notes down the financial statements of all the subsidiary medical facilities including those in rural communities. This also serves as a future record for reference. The Shands financial evaluation is necessary to maintain a healthy financial performance.

Sample Shands Financial Evaluation:

The following financial evaluation has been created for Shands Organization for the year 2011-2012

Respondents: Finance Department

Conducted by: Board of Directors [Donators]

Date of evaluation: 23/7/2012

Kindly answer the given questions so that we can ascertain the financial position within the company and implement necessary changes:

Are the financial statements regularly compiled for every health care facility including the Shands Rehabilitation centre?

  1. Regularly
  2. Occasionally
  3. Very irregular

Have all the funds/donations received for the year 2010-2012 been accounted for?

  1. All funds have been recorded.
  2. Some funds are missing.
  3. There is a glaring discrepancy.

Is there a major difference between the cash inflow and outflow?

  1. Both sides are balanced.
  2. Cash inflow is greater
  3. Cash outflow is greater

Have there been necessary budget cuts within the internal faculties?

  1. There was no such requirement
  2. Some cuts have been made
  3. This is done regularly.

Have there been any complaints from the donators?

  1. None
  2. Some
  3. A lot

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