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Self Evaluation, as the term implies, is the act of assessing one’s own potentials and flaws as well. This approach to know oneself more accurately not only develops the character of the person in question but also benefits the organization or institution one may be associated with. Self evaluation can be broadly classified to be of two types:


Student self evaluation, wherein a student makes a thorough study of his own strengths and weaknesses. He makes an attempt to figure out how much of the lesson taught has been understood by him. In case of some failure, he is to bring it to the notice of the respective teacher, who will then make additional efforts to clear his concepts.

Employee self evaluation is generally carried out in an organization wherein employer-employee relationships exist. In this type of evaluation, the employee introspects his achievements and also new goals to be achieved. The employee makes a thorough record of the projects handled by him and the individual contributions he made to the company.

The purposes served by self evaluation are as follows:

It helps to assess the quality as well as quantity of work done.

The person involved gets to judge his own performance and also set new goals.

Responsibilities and new challenges can now be handled with ease, once the person becomes aware of his present status.

The relationship between the one evaluating his own self and his superior becomes all the easier for communication.

Some kind of documents such as a form or may be a questionnaire needs to be involved that would help self evaluation. The person can herein point out certain procedures that require a change as per his ideas of improvement are concerned or work factors that need to be eliminated to ensure progress. Self evaluation hence proves advantageous for the involved person and also the agents associated with him.

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