Self Performance Evaluation

Self performance evaluation is a method through which the employees of a company are able to assess and examine the different aspects of their job performance. This is also a technique used in academic institutions for students to understand their educational performance and strive to improve it. The evaluation takes into account the different aspects pertaining to the job or educational course chosen and the respondent is required to answer appropriately. The respondents must be very true to himself while responding to these evaluations.

Sample Self Performance Evaluation:

The following is the Self Performance Evaluation of Mr. Howard Kollwitz, Sales Manager

Employer Company: MKOOT Company Ltd.

Evaluation conducted by: J.J Simms Pvt. Ltd.

22, Park Avenue,

New York

Purpose: To assess the employee’s sales performance for the year 2010-2011

Kindly respond to the following questions which will help us with the evaluation:

1. As an employee, have you always exhibited model behavior with colleagues, superiors and customers?

  • Always friendly
  • More or less pleasant
  • Mostly erratic behavior

2. According to the professional goals set in the employee CV, have you succeeded in achieving them?

  • All of them
  • Prioritized ones
  • Some of them
  • None

3. Have you exhibited leadership skills during moments of crisis and when your team required the most?

  • Definitely
  • Somewhat
  • Not at all

4. How well have you adapted to new market trends and company policies?

  • Highly Adaptable to change
  • Hesitant to change
  • Not responsive to changes

5. Have you shown future career ambitions for promotion?

  • Highly ambitious
  • Uncertain
  • No such ambitions

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