Self Evaluation Format

A self evaluation format is a skeletal framework of a report based on self evaluation. It is used to record the indications of a self evaluation conducted by individuals without external support. It has to be done with vigilance and care or else it might lead to faulty results, thus giving impetus to wrong interpretations.

Sample Self Evaluation Format

Name of the respondent_______________________

Evaluation conducted by _______________________

For the purpose of __________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph must convey detailed information about the individuals evaluating themselves including their present profession and dominant personality patterns. It must also specify the name of the agency demanding a self evaluated report of the individuals. The techniques employed for self evaluation must be a combination of introspective and objective types to gain a complete understanding of one’s own self.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must specify the respondent’s outlook towards life. It must give clear indications of his attitude towards the external world and self perceptions. It must include the level of knowledge obtained and learning experienced in course of life and the respondent’s ability to apply them in the practical field. It must state the level of sportsmanship possessed by him in handling criticism. An account of the goal setting methods practiced by the respondent must be also given.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must be about the results of the self evaluation and the proceedings to be undertaken as a result. It must give clear cut information about the present status of the respondent in his field of work and the actions to be resorted to by the individual to reach the desired level of performance and achieve personal and professional development.

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