Sample Workshop Evaluation

Sample workshop evaluation is the document used for accessing the effectiveness and need of a particular workshop. This particular kind of evaluation must be framed in such a way so that it could seek maximum feedbacks to ensure continuous improvement of the workshop.

Sample Workshop Evaluation

Respondent’s name: Martin Thread

Purpose of the workshop: Delivering the knowledge of computer aided teaching at primary education.

Date of submitting the workshop evaluation: 5th July 2011

Please mark the correct option in order to ensure continuous improvement in future conducted similar kind of workshops:

1. Do you think the purpose of the workshop has been accomplished nicely?

a. Yes, it was a successful workshop

b. May be, I don’t know

c. No it was a waste of time

2. Do you want to participate in similar kind of workshop in near future?

a. Yes, I am highly interested.

b. I wish I would but it depends

c. Never again

3. After attending this workshop, how you have decided to integrate computer aided teaching at primary education?


4. Do you agree that the purpose of the workshop is reasonable and would bring enormous changes in primary education?

a. Yes, certainly computer aided teaching is highly beneficial in teaching

b. It depends on the kind of teaching

c. No the existing teaching policies are better than this.

5. How long would it take for you to implement what you have learned by attending the workshop?

a. More than 1 year

b. Less than 1 year

c. Do not want to implement

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