Sample Training Evaluation

Sample training evaluation is the written document presented to a person undergoing a particular training in order to provide his or her experience on it. This kind of evaluation helps the trainer as well the concerned authority to determine where improvement is required and to ensure whether a particular training is being provided according to the need of the trainee or not.

Sample Training Evaluation

Respondent’s name: Emiley D’Souza

Name of the training course: Linux and System Administration

Duration of the training: 48 weeks

Name of the trainer: Professor Micheal Teas

Your evaluation is valuable to us, so please mark the option accordingly.

1. Are you satisfied with the kind of training that is being provided to you?

a. Yes definitely

b. May be

c. No

2. Are you provided with adequate class notes and study materials which you could refer incase of any future need related to the course?

a. Enough study materials are being provided

b. I guess, we are not provided with adequate study materials

3. Have you received full co-operation from the trainer regarding doubt clearing and proper knowledge related to the course?

a. Yes, our trainer was outstanding

b. May be I didn’t attend his/her classes much

c. No he is poor in every way

4. What was your overall performance in course test?

a. Satisfactory

b. Below satisfactory

c. Not up to the mark

Mention the reason if your option is b or c ______________________________

5. How much will you rate the following on the basis of 10?

Faculty attentiveness and instructiveness ____________________

Classroom ambience ___________________

Facilties __________________

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