Sample Technology Evaluation

Sample technology evaluation represents the way in which the interpretation(s) acquired from a technology related appraisal is depicted in the document. This kind of a document has to be drafted consciously so that it could assist the authority to get an idea on how such credentials are put forward in paperwork.

Sample Technology Evaluation

Technology evaluation of: Infos Technologies

Technology evaluation conducted by: Organization of Technology Research and Study

Name of the participant: Fedrick Richards

Position: Grade B-Technical Programmer

Please mark the correct option to determine the technical competencies of the company.

  1. Mark the correct range, which would rate the compatibility of the technical system infrastructure available in your company?

a. 0-4

b. 5-8

c. 9-10

2.  Do you agree that there is constant addition of new and advance features in existing technical network system in order to meet the changing business need?

a. Yes I do agree

b. May be, I am not sure

c. No the technical system is outdated and needs advancement.

3. Do you think that the existing technical system has the longevity to perform in large scale by adapting new modifications?

a. Definitely, as constant changes are incorporated for improved and large scale performance

b. Depends

c. It has to be tested but the current status of the technical system would not support large scale implementation.

4. Do you consider the present technical system to be reliable for performing hard work?

a. Yes, it is strong enough to support long working hours.

b. Not much

c. No, Not at all

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