Sample Student Evaluation

Sample student evaluation is used for a wide range of purposes like evaluating students regarding their career, objectives, performance or any particular courses. This appraisement can serve as a measure of checking approachability of a student with clarity.

Sample Student Evaluation

Name of the student: Michael Belles

Roll number: EC56

Respondent’s name: Professor M.N Steward Date of evaluation submission: 5th July 2011

Designation: Head of the department

Institution: University of Houston

Department: Environmental chemistry

Mark the option in order to carry out a thorough student evaluation for undergraduate program:

1. How much would you rate the attentiveness and intellectual ability of the student at class on the basis of 10?


2. What was the student’s approach towards practical and lab work?

a. Highly satisfactory

b. Good

c. Average

d. Not up to the mark

3. How was the student’s overall performance in internals, semesters and assignments through the course?

a. Outstanding

b. Very good

c. Average

d. Below average

4. Would you recommend the student for internship?

a. Definitely I would strongly recommend.

b. I need to give it a thought before recommending him or her.

c. The student needs to work harder for getting a recommendation.

5. Do you think the student have learned enough to acquire an undergraduate degree from the university?

a. Yes, certainly

b. Still scope to improve

c. Need to think about it before presenting a degree.

6. Does the student have any project that has been developed with innovative ideas?

a. No

b. Yes, there are one or few

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