Sample Self Evaluation

Sample self evaluation also termed as self appraisal is a process for evaluating oneself in order to determine one’s own stand regarding a particular matter that is being depicted on the evaluation document. It can be used for various purposes. Therefore, it is designed specifically keeping in mind the intention of evaluating subject.

Sample Self Evaluation

Name of the person: Dennis Richards

Age: 23 years

Date of participating in the evaluation: 3rd August 2011

Evaluation conducted by: Institute of accessing self development

Please mark the question correctly in order to support a thorough self evaluation:

1. How you enjoy your life being at early 20s?

a. I am quite introvert, like to stay of my own.

b. Partying harder before I indulge myself in work.

c. Not a party animal neither a work freak.

2. What’s your outlook towards the present competition at every field of career?

a. I am best at whatever I do

b. I concentrate only on what I like to do

c. I need to improve myself in order to become compatible for this nature.

3. How much will you rate your confidence level on a scale of 10 ________________________

4. How do you react to criticism?

a. I do react very much, cannot tolerate it at all

b. It depends on the matter and critics

c. I take it sportingly and as a way through which I can improve things.

5. Be it professional or personal, who motivates you the most in life?

a. Self motivation

b. Motivation through close ones or acquaintances

c. Both a and b

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