Sample Sales Evaluation

The sample sales evaluation is an effective method through which a company’s sales performance is measured. This is conducted periodically for the betterment and improvement of the company. It is important to keep an account of all aspects regarding sales activities within the organization. The evaluation must include the revenue generated for a particular period. There are various details concerning the products sold, customer satisfaction and the increase or decrease of customers within the given time spans that need to be included. The sample sales evaluation is a useful tool through the company’s overall growth and development can be assessed and required changes can be implemented according to the feedback received from the evaluation.

Sample Sales Evaluation:

Name of Company: Sun Infotech Ltd.

Evaluation created by: Human Resources Department

Participation: Sales Branch

Date: 3.4.2012

Purpose: To ensure sufficient improvement has been seen in the sales.

Please respond to the following questions:

Has there been a greater margin of profit generated against production cost?

  1. High margin
  2. No such increase
  3. Significant fall in profit collections

Have all the salespersons participated in strategizing for this year’s sales revenue?

  1. Equal participation
  2. Different percentages of contribution
  3. Uneven participation

Has there been increase in the number of new customers?

  1. Significant rise
  2. Old consumer market remains
  3. Fall in number of customers

Have the number units of products sold increased from last year?

  1. Quite an increase
  2. Fall in number
  3. No change

Did the marketing team create a proper strategy plan to increase sale?

  1. Very Effective
  2. Not effective

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