Sample Research Evaluation

The sample research evaluation has been created for the purpose of gaining information regarding a particular topic or subject from a targeted set of people. This must be formulated in a simple and coherent manner so that it can serve as an effective sample for a research evaluation. These documents are used for commercial, academic or non-commercial evaluation purposes. It is always preferable to set multiple-choice questions so that the respondent does not lose patience. The evaluation must take into all the necessary subtopics pertaining to the subject matter.

Sample Research Evaluation:

The following research evaluation has been conducted by the Children’s Welfare Organization for the purpose of gauging the awareness about the harmfulness of carbonated drinks on children:

Name of Respondent- Mrs. Eliza Goods

Gender: Female

Occupation: Home Maker

Date of Evaluation: 2/1/2012

Please respond to the following questions so that we can carry on the appropriate actions through this evaluation:

1. Do you have children at home?

a. Yes, I do.

b. No, I do not.

2. If yes, do they frequently drink the soft drinks available in the market?

a. Quite often

b. Once in a while

c. Never. I refrain from buying such drinks.

3. Are you aware of the contents in the soft drinks?

a. I read the contents before buying any product.

b. Sometimes.

c. I rarely ever see what I am buying.

4. Do you know how harmful the effects of carbon dioxide in soft drinks on children?

a. I have thoroughly researched on this topic

b. Not at all

5. Will you reconsider buying soft drinks for children now?

a. Yes, I will.

b. I will think about it.

c. No, this does not affect my choice.

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