Sample Program Evaluation

Sample program evaluation is a document which is used for appraising a particular program. Such kind of an evaluation should be framed with clarity and accessibility so that it is convenient for the concerned authority to gauge the utility of the program and the areas where it requires change or modification.

Sample Program Evaluation

Respondent’s name: Mr. L.C Jacob

We would like to receive feedback from you regarding the program through a thorough overall evaluation.

Name of the program: Professional development program

Conducted by: AEL Professional Development Center

36, Houston Bay South California

USA – 677888

For each aspect below regarding program, please rate your answer by encircling it

1= completely disagree 2= Neutral 3= Not sure 4= strongly agree

  • The standard of overall program was of high quality            1  2  3  4
  • The content of the program is quite useful                             1  2  3  4
  • I can further impart my knowledge to other that I received from the program as it was too reasonable                                                                               1  2  3  4
  • I would like to attend similar kind of programs again             1  2  3  4
  • It was a perfect blend of outstanding presentation and useful interaction which would certainly help me to attend a quality professional development   1  2  3  4
  • Understood how to grab opportunities at work place and association of colleagues nicely1     2  3  4
  • This program would certainly help me in uplifting my professional goals and methods of achieving them with grace                                                             1  2  3  4
  • It is better than the earlier similar kind of program I attended 1  2  3  4

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