Sample Presentation Evaluation

A sample presentation evaluation is a document that is generally framed in an assessment pattern to analyze the various aspects involved in the presentation of a certain topic or idea. The evaluation process should be so framed that it analyzes the specific presentation in details, and prepares a thorough report of all its positive as well as negative points, that is, the effects of the presentation on the company or brand name or some individual. A presentation often determines future prospects of a business and hence the evaluation should be conducted very carefully.

Sample Presentation Evaluation:

Title of the presentation: 3G Software Presentation

Presentation conducted by: Info Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Presentation supervised by: Joseph Rogers

Managing Director

Info Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Presentation performed by:

  • Mark Stewart
  • Jennifer Gomes

Evaluation conducted by: U.S. Agency for Software Evaluation

Date of evaluation: 17th September, 2011

The respondent is requested to please fill in the proper details to help us in the evaluation:

1. Did you find the topic of the presentation meaningful?

  • Definitely
  • I could somehow understand it but could not quite relate to its possible applications
  • It was horrible

2. Was the entire content of the presentation satisfactory?

  • It was complete and correct
  • I guess it required some more research
  • I am not at all satisfied

3. Given the way the presentation was conducted, did you find the ideas well-organized and compact?

  • Yes, it was a well-framed and interesting presentation
  • It could have been better
  • It was poorly organized and the topics had no link with the preceding or succeeding ones

4. How did you find the equipments that were implemented for the presentation?

  • They were set and used perfectly
  • Some of the techniques could have been improved
  • They were in a sorry state

5. Considering the conclusion and the complete method in which the presentation was conducted, how would you rate it?

_______________ [1 – Outstanding, 2 – Good, 3 – Satisfactory, 4 – Fair, 5 – Poor]

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