Sample Performance Evaluation

A sample performance evaluation can be of many kinds depending on the nature of the performance. The questions used in the performance evaluation should be pointed and relevant for the evaluation to be of value. It is an assessment of the performance and must thus be farmed correctly to elicit the right kind of answers.

Sample Performance Evaluation:

Employee evaluation performance for Grade A employees for the years 2011-2012.

Employee name: _____________________________

Date of performance evaluation: ________________

Performance evaluation done by: ___________________________

Purpose of performance evaluation: This performance evaluation assesses the performance of employees in the session mentioned. The suggestions provided here will be beneficial to them.

How would you rate the overall performance of the employee for the 2011-1012 session on a scale of ten? _____________________________________________________________________________

Do you think that such performance evaluations are useful? Please choose among the following options.

  • They provide means to suggest changes that can be beneficial to the employee.
  • Performance can only be improved by regular performance evaluation.
  • No, they are not useful.

Mention a few methods by which the performance of the employee can be improved? ______________________________________________________________________________

How frequently do you think such performance evaluations should be conducted?

  • Once a year
  • Every 6 months
  • Every 3 months

Do you think employees should also be given the opportunity of evaluating their own performance?

  • Yes, it will improve transparency and facilitate greater interaction between staff and employers.
  • No, it will be counterproductive and be a waste of time.

How would you consider performance evaluation to contribute to the success of the company?

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