Sample Medical Evaluation

A sample medical evaluation is carried out by doctors, hygienists, health care researcher’s in order to gauge the medical risk associated with a particular disease or drugs. Therefore, this kind of evaluation is framed with utmost consciousness so that fruitful results could be brought out from the assessment.

Sample Medical Evaluation

Respondent’s name: Margaret Newzy

Age: 27 Gender: Female

Medical evaluation conducted by: Institute of Drug Designing and Evaluation

Purpose: Increase of health risk and infertility in women by those drugs containing Drospirenone

Kindly answer all the questions clearly so that we could analyze and curb the effect of Drospirenone drug:

1. How many times in a week you had to take birth control pills?

a. More than twice a week

b. Less than twice a week

2. Do you have a pregnancy before?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Yes, but I had to undergone an abortion

3. Before purchasing a birth control pill, do you look up at its composition?

a. Yes very much I am very particular about what I am consuming

b. Sometimes but I don’t understand much

c. No never

4. Are you aware of the medical consequences caused by Drospirenone drug which is present in most of the birth controlling pills?

a. Yes, That’s why I do try to avoid pills with certain composition

b. I have heard about it but not much aware

c. Ignorant to its medical consequences.

5. There are few more drug of same category as Drospirenone belongs, believes to cause infertility are you aware of it?

a. Yes, I am quite aware

b. No

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