Sample Marketing Evaluation

The sample marketing evaluation is a document that all companies must enforce in order to understand whether the marketing strategies used are successful and producing the desired effects or not. This is essential as the company is able to reassess and rework all the marketing plans developed. There are comparisons made with previous evaluations as well in order to see which marketing year was most successful and why. The evaluation takes into account the sales activities of the given work, the advertising and marketing of products and the customer’s feedback with this respect as well. The marketing evaluation is useful in devising better strategic plans for the coming business years. It also takes into account the profit or loss as a result of the sales performance and product management.

Sample Marketing evaluation:

The following evaluation has been created for the Smothers Fishery Co.

Evaluation created by: Mantle and Sons Analytics

Date: 7.9.2011

Respondents: Marketing and Sales Department

Please answer the given questions below:

Was there an increase in the number of units sold after implementation of the market strategies?

  1. Significant Increase
  2. No increase
  3. Slight decrease

Has there been a new consumer market targeted?

  1. More than one
  2. One
  3. None

Have the salespersons understood the strategies devised?

  1. More or less
  2. Not in the least

Is there any area that has been ignored during the market analysis?

  1. All areas were thoroughly scanned
  2. Few areas overlooked
  3. Various areas ignored

Are there any strategies that have not been properly implemented?

  1. None as such
  2. A few

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