Sample Job Evaluation

A sample job evaluation document is being provided for evaluating the performance or essence of a particular job position. This kind of evaluation serves as a tool which helps to gauge the areas where improvement in a particular job is required. Therefore, it should be constructed with a professional yet courteous approach.

Sample Job Evaluation

Name of the employee: Mr. Ronald Shield

Job position: Assistant System Engineer

Name of the company: Accent Technologies and Business Outsourcing

Date of participating in the evaluation: 5th July 2011

Please mark the correct option in order to carry out a thorough job evaluation:

1. Do you agree that your knowledge and experience is properly being utilized by the job role you are performing?

a. Yes, very much

b. May be I am not concerned about it, I just do whatever I am asked to

c. No not much

2. Does your organization provide good training facility that is required for functioning well in the particular job you do?

a. Yes, they do provide outstanding training facility for all job roles

b. Sometimes

c. May be, I don’t know

3. Do you think the policies set by the company for its employees are reasonable enough?

a. Yes very much they are reasonable

b. I guess yes, don’t know

c. No, not at all

4. Do you receive ample direction and priorities by the department you work for?

a. Yes, I do receive good direction and priorities

b. Sometimes not always

c. No never

5. How much will you rate your job satisfaction on a basis of 10 _________________

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