Sample Home Evaluation

A sample home evaluation generally refers to a model or an illustration of the assessment of a certain home, which is to be analyzed from various spheres for some specific purpose like giving details to some agency for renovation purposes, or for sale, or for understanding the current position and state of the home, etc. The evaluation should contain thorough details of the home and various other aspects which are required to be discussed for the specific purpose. It is often prepared by experts but can also be framed by common people, referring to the instruction and the format as given in the sample.

Sample Home Evaluation:

Name of the home: Jasmine House

Address: 16/ IIB, Houston Apartments

5, Park Avenue, New York

Name of owner: Steve Jones

Age: 42 years

Contact number: 00 1 – 213 – 829187276

Email id:

Evaluation done on: 16th September, 2011

Evaluation conducted by: U.S Housing Agency

The owner of the home is requested to kindly provide us with correct answers, to help in the proper execution of our evaluation:

1. Do you think your home is in a perfect condition?

  • Definitely
  • We need to look after a few things, otherwise it’s fine
  • No, we need to repair it at the earliest

2. How good is the drainage system?

  • The bathrooms are very well structured and so is the sewage system
  • We are fine with it
  • The drainage system needs to be improved soon

3. Are to rooms airy and spacious?

  • Yes they are
  • Somewhat
  • No they are small and congested

4. Does the home consist of safety amenities?

  • Yes have all
  • We have some of them
  • No, we don’t have such extra facilities

5. How would you describe the surrounding of your home?


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