Sample Financial Evaluation

The sample financial evaluation is constructed for commercial uses by different business organizations. This is an important part of every company wherein the company’s accounting, financial control, budget management and other internal financial management is kept on track. This is done to ensure that all such financial functions are in order and is done according to the federal requirements in order to receive grants. The financial evaluation is mandatory and is required to be conducted at regular intervals. The construction of the questions must be brief and precise and should address all the relevant issues at hand.

Sample Financial Evaluation:

The following evaluation is being conducted for the Wright Flying Corporation Ltd by the National Institute of Health (NIH)

Respondents: Finance department

Date of Evaluation: 5/6/2011

The employees of Wright Flying Corporation are requested to answer the following questions with regards to their financial set-up within the company:

1. Is the accounting system followed according to the latest updated system?

a. Updated and followed accordingly

b. Still following the old outdated mode

2. Are all the employees involved in handling accounts?

a. Yes, all of them are given this responsibility.

b. Some are given this responsibility.

c. Separate division handles this.

3. Are the financial statements prepared annually?

a. Always without delay

b. Sometimes the date is missed.

c. Never done on time

4. Are the budget controls according to the federal cuts?

a. Most definitely.

b. Not really.

5. Does the company follow all the methods of safeguarding the internal financial management?

a. Regularly.

b. Sometimes.

c. Never.

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