Sample Evaluation Form

Sample evaluation forms are being used for evaluating various purposes. Its content depends on the purpose or matter it intends to evaluate. Therefore, such a form should be framed concisely and must document the intention with clarity for better understanding.

Sample Evaluation Form

Name of the person _____________________________

Age _________________________ Gender _______________

Profession ____________________

Date of participating in the evaluation: ______________________

Evaluation conducted by ________________________

Please mark the question correctly in order to obtain a well researched job evaluation report:

1. Do you think the task you are expected to perform supports your job role?

a. Yes very much

b. May be I don’t know

c. No not at all it’s something else than what I am suppose to do.

2. Do you think your organization has provided you with adequate training so that you can carry out the job well?

a. Definitely, I have received adequate training

b. Partially

c. My training does not relate to the job at all

3. Are you satisfied with the direction and priorities provided to you by the department?

a. Yes, I am highly satisfied.

b. Not much

c. No not at all

4. Do the policies and procedures set by the company for its employees are reasonable?

a. Certainly

b. May be I sometimes don’t find it much reasonable

c. It’s absurd and non-reasonable.

d. Needs a bit of change. Mention where it requires change ___________________________

5. Do you agree that the job requirements have been made clear to you by the company?

a. Yes I do

b. Somewhat dissatisfied

c. Neutral

d. I completely disagree

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