Sample Employee Evaluation

A sample employee evaluation is a document which highlights an employee’s performance and progress over a certain period of time. It must be encouraging, yet without sacrificing authority or honesty. An employee evaluation can also be made participatory where a questionnaire is used to determine an employee’s evaluation of the company in which he works.

Sample Employee Evaluation:

The following is a questionnaire, part of our current employee evaluation process, and aims at taking into account the opinions of the employees themselves.

Name of employee: Sarah Jacobson

Company: Jensen Inc.

Employee id: 26634455

Email id:

Date of birth: 13th June 1989

Current designation: Assistant Secretary to the Executive Director.

[Please choose one option in the multiple choice questions that follow. Please answer carefully]

1. Do you thing this position and this company has been able to fulfill your expectations in terms of professional growth and experience?

(a) Yes, it has

(b) Yes it has, but there are areas which I find limiting or constraining

(c) No, it has not.

2. Do you feel this job’s remuneration suits you?

(a) Yes

(b) No, more remuneration is expected

3. How long have you been working in this job position?

(a) One year

(b) More than more year

4. How many promotions have you received in the duration of your working as an employee of this company?

(a) Not even one

(b) One

(c) More than one

5. Would you consider yourself satisfied with your work?

(a) Yes, I am satisfied as this job has enabled me to learn as well as participate in the company’s success.

(b) No I am not, as I feel the work environment is not suiting me.

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