Sample Education Evaluation

A sample education evaluation helps to gauge the effectiveness of an education system. Through this evaluation the concern authority can easily detect the loopholes and can ensure continuous improvement in a particular education system wherever required. Therefore, such kind of an evaluation should be framed in a way so that it signifies its essence.

Sample Education Evaluation

Respondent’s name: Lisa Gonzalvas

Student of: Secondary school

Evaluation conducted by: Central Evaluation Commission of Secondary Education

Date of submitting the evaluation: 7Th July 2011

Kindly mark the options accordingly so that it helps us to carry out an effective education evaluation:

1. Does your school is affiliated under standard board of education?

a. Yes it is

b. May be, I don’t know.

c. No it has applied for affiliation recently

2. Does the syllabus of your standard match with the other school’s syllabus belong to the same board of Education?

a. Definitely

b. I really don’t know rather I am not concern about other school

c. No the syllabus does not match at all

3. Does the school authority create pressure with home assignments and frequent assessments?

a. No, we hardly get home assignments and only have few assessments

b. I don’t know but I am ok with it

c. Yes very much we don’t get enough time to play even

4. How much will you rate the following on a basis of 10?

• Facilities provided at school ______________

• Teachers co-operation and attentiveness ________

5. How much will you rate the education you are receiving out of 10?


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