Sample Business Evaluation

Business evaluation is an effective tool for evaluating the performance and present status of a business. Therefore, a sample business evaluation helps the concern authority of a business to determine where the overall business standing and what improvement is needed on its operation.

Sample Business Evaluation

Name of the company: Agro Protect Limited

Contact details: 55, St. Lawrence Street

North Texas, USA-8787889

Phone number: 67870999                                            Date of conducting the evaluation: 5TH July 2011

Purpose of the evaluation: To give a clear idea about the internal regulation of the business to its potential clients.

Business license number: 234LBC

Please mark the right option to carry out a thorough evaluation of the present business process:

  1. Is there any change bought after the last evaluation?
    1. Yes, very much
    2. A little bit
    3. No, it still needs improvement
    4. How many machinery need to be replaced within next six months?
      1. More than two
      2. Less than two

Mention the department where a machine replacement is required _________________________

  1. How many new employees are being recruited in last few years?
  2. No employees
  3. More than 3
  4. Less than three

Mention the following department where the new employees are being recruited _________________________

  1. How many newly released products didn’t receive much appreciation from the customers?
  2. More than three
  3. Less than three

Mention the names of the product and the departments by whom they are being made _____________________

  1. What role management has taken in order to compensate the loss created by newly released products which didn’t make much impact on the market?


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