Salesman Evaluation

Salesman evaluation refers to the act of analyzing the job performance of a salesman who is responsible for reaching a particular sales target of selling the company’s product in a particular geographical area. A salesman must be aware of the features of the products and services and be able to communicate to the client and customers why they should buy the product. The salesman evaluation is done on his ability to do this, his communication skills and also his work attitude. Every salesman has to reach his sales target which is the parameter of judging his actual performance. The more customers he gets, the better his evaluation results are.

Sample Salesman Evaluation:

Name of employee: Matt Williams

Department: Sales and Marketing

Year of joining: 2011

Review period: April 2011-April 2012

Company: Cure All Products

Evaluation done by: John Harrison

Designation: General Manager, Cure All Products

The salesman’s evaluation has been done based on his performance and his skills described below:


  • The salesman has reached his target sales figures and has impressed the management with his zeal to continue to do better
  • He is a good team player and came up with interesting methods to reach out to the new customers and retaining the old ones
  • He helped the company create a mark in a new territory and was persistent till he reached his sales target


  • The salesman has excellent communication skills and knows about the products and services he is assigned to sell
  • He is well-mannered, disciplined and can work for long hours on his feet


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