Sales Training Evaluation

The sales training evaluation is an important means through which a business trains and gauges the performances of the sales team. This is done individually and created according the varied sales members of the company. The main aim for such an evaluation is to measure how successful or effective the company’s training program is in accordance to individual performance of the employee. There is a requirement to ensure that the purpose of the sales training is identified before carrying it out. This ensures a more effective evaluation otherwise the results are not satisfactory.

Sample Sales Training Evaluation:

The following is the evaluation created by Raymond Market Analyzers for the Castle Computers Pvt. Ltd.

Sales Training Session for 2012-2013

Number of Employees on training: 78

Date: 6.2.2012

Main Objective: This evaluation is to be taken immediately after the training session is completely to understand which employees need improvement and to identify the employees who have fully utilized the training program.

Have the salesperson understood the main purpose of this training?

  1. Thoroughly
  2. Certain  areas only
  3. Not at all

Were the training exercises effective in building salesperson qualities?

  1. Effective
  2. Not effective
  3. Somewhat effective

Are the training techniques used useful for practical application?

  1. Very useful
  2. Somewhat useful
  3. Ineffective and irrelevant

Has there been equal participation in all the training exercises?

  1. Yes, in all.
  2. More or less
  3. No equal participation

Can the sales employee now assess whether he is a good salesperson or not?

  1. Sufficiently
  2. Not clearly

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