Sales Staff Evaluation

Sales staff evaluation is the process by which the performance of the members of a sales team in a company is examined. The sales staff constitutes an important part of the organization as they are responsible for selling the company’s products and services and create a market base by bringing in more and more clients. Their evaluation is done on the basis of their sales skills like their ability to build relationships with the customers, their communication skills and ability to sell the product to the client, their knowledge about the product’s features and uses, how successful they are in retaining their clients and whether they are able to get more customers and reach the sales target or not.

Sample Sales Staff Evaluation:

Name of employee: Bill Rogers

Department: Sales and Marketing

Year of joining: 2010

Review period: April 2011-April 2012

Company: New Age Products and Services

Evaluation done by: Anthony Jones

Designation: General Manager, New Age Products and Services

The employee has been evaluated on the following categories and the results are summarized as follows:


  • The employee is adaptive and is able to pick up new skills and instructions
  • He has very good communication skills, can be persuasive, yet strike a chord with the customers
  • He is able to communicate his idea well to the clients
  • He is good with numbers, is hardworking and respectful of the sales procedures
  • He can make quick decisions and is a team player


  • He exceeded expectations by getting 10% more customers than the sales target
  • He played a key role in the rural communications sales project


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