Sales Self Evaluation

Sales self evaluation is a necessary procedure that every salesperson in a successful business must go through in order to determine and improve his/her individual sales performance within the company. This type of evaluation is generally done during training sessions which take place periodically to improve salespersons’ skills. The sales employee is required to be honest while attempting such an evaluation. This not only required for the progress of the company but also for the individual employees who can also understand and determine his own sales performance and strive to improve it. This is mainly created for the purpose of understanding the shortcomings of the salesperson on their own and the skills that are lacking which is needed to be incorporated in order to become a better sales person.

Sample Sales Self Evaluation:

The following evaluation has been created during the Sales Training Session of 2012-2013
Name: Ryan Information Ltd.

Evaluation created by: Accounts Department

Respondent: Wren Stevens

Date: 5.7.2012

Objective: The sales self evaluation will help the individual salesperson determine his or her performance in sales and hence, follow necessary actions for improvements.

Please answer the following accordingly:

Do you exhibit good communicative skills?

  1. Good communication qualities
  2. Needs improvement
  3. Lacking completely

Are you capable of creating an effective customer-salesman relationship?

  1. Very capable
  2. Needs work

Have you shown model employee behavior within the company?

  1. Definitely
  2. Not in the least

Do you adapt to the new company policies and strategies correctly?

  1. Certainly
  2. Not very smoothly
  3. Very incompatible

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