Sales Plan Evaluation

A sales plan evaluation is the assessment of a particular sales strategy that is to be adopted for professional development and gaining profits. The plan sketched by sales department of any company or firm needs to be feasible in terms of economy and actual execution of the plan; hence the evaluation is to be performed to consider all the underlying factors and judge the plan as being effective or invalid. The evaluation must be properly performed since it forms the basis for the design and development of future sales activities.

Sample Sales Plan Evaluation:

Company Name: NewTech Electronics

Title of Sales Plan: Use of electronic media – Online Sales

Sales Plan Description:

The plan adopted by the Sales as well the R&D team of NewTech Electronics comprises of a massive advancement in the mode of sale of products as online selling of goods has been proposed of. This would ensure customers to book their desired product online and pay for the same according to suggested means – either by online transactions or EMIs or cash-on-delivery systems. Shipping charges might apply to certain products and the term of shipping the products would vary according to product type.

Key features evaluated:

  • This would offer amazing shopping experiences at the comfort of client’s home.
  • Since replacement facilities would be made available in case of defects, customer trust can be gained easily.
  • Online sale would lead to advertisements in electronic media and hence provide better and more publicity of products.
  • The plan can effectively garner increased client support and hence affect sales favorably.
  • Authenticity of product will be maintained and warranties will be provided, both of which are effective sales strategies.
  • The proper execution of the plan would increase sales by a minimum of 19%, since a huge geographical area can be targeted and sales would not be limited to just New York and adjoining areas.

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