Sales Performance Evaluation

The sales performance evaluation is a process that every business firm conducts for the purpose of assessing the company sales performance of that year. This evaluation is necessary and important for the successful running of the company. This not only takes into account the overall performance of the company but also the individual sales employee responsible for the sales activity within the company. This must be carried on carefully as it is important for the growth and overall improvement of the company performance. There is also comparison made from pervious sales performance evaluations. This must be conducted in regular intervals and should be conducted with a great amount of dexterity professionalism.

Sample Sales Performance Evaluation:

The following is the Sales Performance Evaluation created by the Analysis Pvt. Co. team:

Name of company: Radio Tech Co.

Department Evaluated: Sales Department

Date: 2.6.2012

Aim: Radio Tech Co must analyze the overall sales development of the company through its performance.

Kindly answer the following questions:

Has the company faced a higher revenue collection this year?

  1. There has been a significant growth.
  2. No such growth.
  3. Steep fall

Was there any new products introduced?

  1. No such introduction
  2. A few additions made

Has there been an increase in the number of customers?

  1. Certainly
  2. No increase
  3. A fall in number

Have there been proper marketing strategies introduced for increase in sales?

  1. Definitely
  2. No such strategies

Has there been an improvement in salesperson performance?

  1. Remarkable improvement
  2. No change
  3. Degeneration of performance.

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