Sales Meeting Evaluation

Sales meeting evaluation is an effective tool used right after the sales meeting is over. This takes place in order to understand and examine the success of the meeting and whether it has been able to meet the required aims and objectives. The feedback received from the evaluation is used to better and improve the next sales meetings. This is highly necessary for the proper running and development of the business institution. The evaluation measures the effectiveness of the meeting by individually assessing what the salespersons have understood from the meeting. This is greatly recommended and should be done frequently to improve the quality of the sales meetings and the sales team.

Sample Sales Meeting Evaluation:

Name of Company: Marine and Marine Pvt. Ltd.

Evaluation created by: Sales Department

Date: 5.6.2012

Number of respondents (sales employees present in the meeting): 32

Please respond to the given questions:

Was the Sales Manager able to put across the necessary criteria expected from the sales team?

  1. Clearly
  2. More or less
  3. Not clear

Were you able to communicate your own point of view in the meeting?

  1. Most definitely
  2. Did not need to
  3. Wanted to but was overlooked.

Were the new strategies introduced agreeable to you?

  1. Most agreeable
  2. No
  3. Makes little difference

Have you understood the overall company sales goals?

  1. Thoroughly
  2. Some areas are confusing
  3. Unclear

Were there any innovative techniques used in the meeting to get the points across?

  1. A few
  2. None.
  3. Did not notice.

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