Sales Manager Self-Evaluation

Sales manager self-evaluation is the process by which the sales manager of a company evaluates his own performance by analyzing the work he did during the review period, whether he has been able to achieve the goals he set for himself and if he reached the sales target set by the company. Every employee has certain ambitions which he wants to fulfill. Even when he has a job, there are certain responsibilities he wants or a particular designation. It is important for the sales manager to evaluate himself so that he can comprehend which areas he needs to work on and is able to perform better as an employee and as a leader.

Sample Sales Manager Self-Evaluation:

Name of employee: David Harrison

Designation: Sales Manager

Year of joining: 2006

Review period: April 2011-April 2012

Company: Progressive Electronics

Job expectations for review period:

  • To improve sales figures by at least 10%
  • To get an additional 15 new regular clients for the company
  • To make the company secure a market position in the top five in the sector
  • To encourage team members by motivating them and setting an example


  • Secured the Clarence deal which brought business worth $25 million for the company
  • Sales figures up by 11%, which is more than the target
  • The company is now at fifth position in the market among its competitors
  • Team members are showing signs of active participation, energy and motivation

Problem areas:

  • Need to work on communication skills with clients
  • Retain existing clients by making them more aware of the advantages of our products


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