Sales Manager Evaluation

Sales manager evaluation is the process by which the manager of the sales department or team is evaluated. It is important for the leader of the sales team to be a good performer because the rest of the team members look up to him for guidance and inspiration. A sales manager must be evaluated on the basis of his work performance, his ability to reach goals, communicate with the junior employees, leadership and motivational skills, ability to set strategies, qualifications and experience. All these factors are important and the sales manager must do well in all of them because he has a very responsible role to play.

Sample Sales Manager Evaluation:

Name of employee: Will Turner

Designation: Sales Manager

Year of joining: 2005

Review period: April 2011-April 2012

Company: Connect All Communications

Evaluation done by: Laurel Jones

Designation: Regional Manager, Connect All Communications

The sales manager has been evaluated on the basis of the following parameters:

  • Leadership:

The employee displays good leadership skills and has the ability to motivate those working under him

  • Sales results:

The sales team under him has been able to reach all the sales target and figures that the company had set for this year

  • Communication skills:

The manager has excellent communication skills which he uses to interact with both employees and clients effectively

  • Projects:

He has been successful in all the projects that has been assigned to him and has impressed the management with his performance

  • We feel he is ready for more responsibilities and can be given a larger geographical area


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