Sales Force Evaluation

The sales force evaluation is a process through which a business institution is able to determine the quality of sales performance within the company. This is particularly done when the business wishes to know those areas that are underperformed and needs to improve. There is also an identification of the more competent employees over the incompetent one. This evaluation is just a series of questions created with regards to the performance of sales for a given period of time. These can be done particularly for the internal management of the company or can be a general evaluation keeping in mind marketing factors. The evaluation can also be created and conducted by impartial experts hired by the company for best results.

Sample Sales Force Evaluation:

The following Sales force evaluation has been created by Radical Analysis for the company Reynolds Technology Private Ltd.

Respondents: Sales management team

Evaluation date: 5.6.2012

Purpose: This sales force evaluation has been created for the purpose of assessing employee performance in the sales and revenue of the company.

We request you to respond to the given questions:

Have there been new additions of salespersons made in the year?

  1. Definitely
  2. None

Was there an improvement seen in sales performance, as a result of the above?

  1. No improvement
  2. Great Improvement
  3. Diminished performance

Are the salespersons aware of the profit generated for this year?

  1. Aware
  2. Not aware

Does the sales employee exhibit the ideal qualities necessary for an effective salesperson?

  1. All qualities
  2. Some qualities
  3. No qualities

Are there areas of employee-performances that need improvement?

  1. Various areas
  2. Some
  3. None

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