Sales Executive Evaluation

A sales executive evaluation is generally performed by a firm that has a specific sales department and monitors over its performance as a whole group as well as employee-wise. The sales objectives must be clear to the person performing the evaluation and the specific achievements of the sales executive are to be studied and accounted for in the final document, based on which the evaluation report is to be framed.

Sample Sales Executive Evaluation:

Name of Sales Executive: Mark Anthony Peterson

Company Name: George Hardware Pvt. Ltd.

Date of Joining: 16th May, 1995

Age: 43 years Sex: Male Contact No.: 085223996757

Evaluation performed by: Julia Williams

CEO, George Hardware Pvt. Ltd.

Date of evaluation: 16th February, 2013

Our Sales Executive, Mark Anthony Peterson, has been evaluated on the basis of various general aspects and the results have been given below:

Skills owned by Sales Executive:

  • Mark has excellent interpersonal skills, as exhibited by his performances in presentation of sales ideas before company partners and shareholders, as well as during convincing prospective clients effectively.
  • Being a sales executive, he has to handle sales in large geographical areas. Mark has been found to utilize his communicative skills to the fullest while dealing with important customers as well as shareholders.
  • This sales executive is easy with his fellow employees as well and has appreciable team spirit that has made him successful always, irrespective of the group he has worked in.
  • Mark knows his job well and is extremely smart while conducting sales deals. Also, he is perfect at facts and figures and can thus prepare proper sales reports.
  • The sales executive being evaluated has been found to be effective not only in areas of individual expertise but also in sharing knowledge and information. Mark has been successful in providing training to his junior staff in the Sales Department.
  • Professional Achievements:
  • Increased general sales by 45% in the fiscal year of 2010-11
  • Promoted the sales of hardware by 28% in the Texas region in December, 2012, which happens to be the highest promotion till date.
  • Helped the company earn a contract worth $25,70,000 for supply of hardware in the Silicon Valley Project.

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