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A sales evaluation is a document that evaluates the performance of the sales department of a particular company or business firm. The sale of a particular product or service involves the consideration of a number of factors and parameters that determine the procedure of sales. Hence, an evaluation of sales should include important questions on the nature of sale, market size, product overview, total sales turnover and profits generated, units sold and revenues generated, customer feedback and generation of new clientele base etc.

The sales evaluation is to be drafted in an effective manner such that it can collect important information regarding the execution of the sales procedure and the various adjacent factors. Certain points should be kept in mind, such as:

  • The name, identification and contact details of the selling company and the agency or individual conducting the evaluation should be correctly mentioned.
  • The date of evaluation should be given and the purpose should also be presented briefly.
  • The sales evaluation should be conducted in a systematic manner, with proper collection of important data regarding the sales procedures and corresponding revenue generated from a particular (or different) market(s), assessment of customer satisfaction levels, profits earned, etc.
  • Various questions on the sales process like effective selling time management, territory management, tracking of sales and reporting, and such other areas must be included in the sales evaluation.
  • The evaluation should help in calculation of the corresponding business aspects depending on this report.

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