Sales Evaluation Template

A sales evaluation template is a document which acts as a guide and a model for sales evaluation reports. Such documents ensure that the findings of such an analytical exercise are represented in the correct manner which can gain maximum impact. A sales evaluation is an analysis of the sale of a particular product in a particular period of time, and the methods by which the sale can be increased. Thus, a sales evaluation template must factor in all these considerations in a lucid and clear manner.

Sample Sales Evaluation Template:

Sales evaluation conducted on behalf of: ______________________________ [Mention the name of the company for which the sales evaluation has to be carried out]

Sales evaluation conducted by: __________________________________ [Mention the name of the company conducting the sales evaluation]

Date of completion of sales evaluation: ____________________ [dd/mm/yy] [Mention the relevant date]

Purpose of the sales evaluation:

  • Purpose 1: ______________________________
  • Purpose 2: ______________________________
  • Purpose 3: ______________________________ [Mention some of the purposes for which the sales evaluation is to be conducted]

Analytical tools used in the sales evaluation exercise:

______________________________________ [Mention the relevant methods by which the sales evaluation will be carried out, the tools that will be used and the practical means that have to be undertaken in order to complete the sales evaluation]

Findings obtained in the sales evaluation:

  • Conclusion 1: ____________________________________
  • Conclusion 2: ____________________________________
  • Conclusion 3: ____________________________________ [Mention some of the results obtained in the sales evaluation. Briefly add some comments on each inference drawn]

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