Sales Evaluation Plan

Sales evaluation plan is the strategy used by a company to examine the sales performance and in this way suggest ways in which the sales figures can be improved. Sales evaluation is an effective way of increasing sales as one can find out the areas which need to be worked on and can manage resources in the right manner to get the best results. The sales evaluation plan is created along with the client whereby both parties agree on certain parameters which will be considered while evaluating the sales so that a certain target is reached. The plan must mention what particular area you are tackling, narrowing down objectives and the solutions to any problems.

Sample Sales Evaluation Plan:

The following sales evaluation plan has been created between the following parties:

Client’s name: Roadways Auto Dealers

Seller’s name: Fix All Auto Parts

The two parties have created the sales evaluation plan in order to ensure that the target sales figures are met and the revenue goals are reached. This plan will help to address the objectives and problems and make recommendations:


  • The seller will sell auto parts to the client for 1 year during which the client will not buy auto parts from any other company
  • Although there is no limit up to which sales will be made, the seller plans to increase its sales figures by 22%.

Other areas:

  • Both parties shall fix a selling price which will not be change during the duration of the plan.
  • If the seller fails to supply good quality goods, the client can terminate the deal


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