Sales Evaluation Letter

Sales evaluation letter is a process of evaluation of the sales of a particular product or services of a company submitted in the form of a letter. Sales evaluation can be done in the form of a report, memo or form and in this case a letter is used to convey the achievements and problems of the sales department. By conducting an evaluation, the company can know what areas they need to work on, where they have been successful and also suggest recommendations by which the sales team can improve. Since it is written in a letter form, it must be addressed to someone senior in the sales team or in the management.

Sample Sales Evaluation Letter:


Nathan Johnson,

General Manager,

Progressive Electronics

Date: April 7, 2012

Subject: Evaluation of sales from January 1, 2012 to March 31, 2012

Dear Mr Johnson,

As instructed by you, we conducted an evaluation of the sales department of the company and came up with the sales figures in order to give you an idea of the performance of the department during these months.

The company has done exceedingly well in the sale of microwaves and washing machines with each clocking 6,800 and 6,566 items respectively, thereby doing better than the set target of 6,500 and 6,000 respectively.

However, our AC sales have dropped by 9%, although the seasonal aspect is an important component factor here. We expect the sales to go up by 22% during spring and summer months.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

James Dawson

Regional, Manager, Progressive Electronics


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