Sales Evaluation Format

A sales evaluation format is a document which acts as a guide to the representation of a sales evaluation report. Such a document shows the exact headings and subheadings into which the sales evaluation report can be divided so that a well organized and cogent document results. Sales evaluation formats must be written by experts who are not only well versed with the technical aspects of sales evaluation, but also with the nuances of format writing.

Sample Sales Evaluation Format:

Sales evaluation conducted by:

Here the name of the sales organization conducting the evaluation must be mentioned. It can be an internal evaluation where a company analyses its own sales and performance, or it can be an external evaluation whereby a different professional enterprise analyses and evaluates the performance of the company for a fee. A third kind of sales evaluation involves performance analysis for a specific purpose like journalism.

Purpose of sales evaluation:

In this section, the reasons for the sales evaluation must be mentioned. This can be done in the form of bulleted points as this will lend greater clarity and order to the document. This section is important as the reasons for which the sales evaluation will be done are an indication of the rest of the document.

Findings obtained:

Mention the findings obtained by the sales evaluation report. This section must tabulate the report of the sales evaluation and hence it is the most important section.


The means by which to improve the sales performance of the company must be enumerated here. Suggestions and expert advice for the same can be included as well.

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