Sales Evaluation Form

A sales evaluation form consists of a list of questions which are answered by the evaluator after he examines the sales process or the performance of the sales personnel of a company during a particular period. Any kind of evaluation involves the process of tackling certain issues and in order to make a sound assessment of those aspects, the evaluator asks some questions. These questions, mentioned in the form, helps one to clearly pinpoint the various areas which contribute towards the success or failure of meeting the sales target. It must handle issues like the performance of the salesmen, their attitude and their contribution towards the company.

Sample Sales Evaluation Plan:

Name of company: Micromacro Communications

Department evaluated: Sales department

Review period: April 2011 to April 2012

Evaluation done by: John Lawson

Designation: Regional Manager, Micromacro Communications

Evaluation of sales team in general:

  • On a scale of 1- 10, please rate the sales team on their communication skills. _______
  • What do you think are the problem areas that the sales department needs to work on? ________
  • What are the challenges faced by our company in terms of sales? ________
  • Select the areas that need to be improved on:

Knowledge about products

Politeness while interacting with customers

Finding out what the customers want and selling it to them

Motivation and drive

  • How would you rate the contribution of the sales department on the overall sales of the company?





  • Are you happy with the performance of the sales manager?



  • Have the sales personnel reached their sales targets?




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