Sales Employee Performance Evaluation

Sales employee performance evaluation is the process by which a company analyses the job performance of an employee working in the sales department. The sales team consists of an important part of the organization because whatever product is made by the company ultimately has to be sold so that the company is able to make profits. It is the sales employee’s responsibility to be thorough about the product’s features and communicate to the clients and customers why it is a good idea to buy the product. He must have excellent communication skills and be persuasive enough to sell the product and at the same time build a connection with the clients so that they continue to deal with the company.

Sample Sales Employee Performance Evaluation:

Name of employee: William Gordon

Department: Sales Department

Year of joining: 2011

Review period: April 2011-April 2012

Company: Bright Lights and Designs

Evaluation done by: Ralph Jones

Designation: General Manager, Bright Lights and Designs

The sales employee’s annual evaluation has been done on the basis of his performance and his ability to reach the sales target. The following recommendations have been made based on the review:


  • The sales employee has not only reached the sales target assigned to him but has exceeded expectations, thereby contributing 8% to the company’s total sales for this year
  • He is a good team player and has applied the company’s policies along with his own methods to reach his target and build a bond with the customers
  • We recommend that he be given a larger geographical territory this time and a promotion too


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