Sales Employee Evaluation

Sales employee evaluation refers to the analysis and assessment of a sales employee with the aid of certain tools like ratings, questionnaire filling, and multiple choice questions. It is an extremely important document, as it is necessary to see the trend of the employee’s performance and find his or her strengths and weaknesses. It is also necessary to find out the grievances, if any, of the employee.

Sample Sales Employee Evaluation:

Name of the company: Future groups Pvt. Ltd.

Name of the employee: Mr. Tony Gill.

Position: Sales Employee, Future group Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission: 15th of January, 2011.

To be filled up by the employer.

1. Can the employee achieve the sales target set to him?

• Always

• Sometimes

• Never

2. Does the employee keep his vows which he kept before entering the company?

• Yes, all of them.

• No, some of them.

• None of them.

3. Is the employee adding any extra benefit to your company?

• The sales rate has increased.

• The sales rate is largely the same and has hardly changed.

• The sales rate has declined.

4. How would you rate the general conduct of the employee?

• 0-3 (poor)

• 4-6 (average)

• 7-9 (good)

5. Do you see any scope of further development with this employee?

• Definitely

• Maybe

• Not at all.

6. How would you rate the overall performance of your employee?

• Satisfactory.

• Average performance.

• Unsatisfactory.

Employee assessment report:



(Signature of employer)

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