Sales Director Evaluation

A sales director evaluation document comprises of information gathered and submitted to the highest authority or department of the respective company that studies the performance of its Sales Director. The various accomplishments of the sales director in his/her particular area of work as well as an overall assessment of performance of the individual as an employee of the firm is to be performed in the evaluation, the final report stating all details of the studies and asserting the sales director’s current professional condition.

Sample Sales Director Evaluation:

Name of Sales Director: Jacob Smith

Age: 43 years Gender: Male Years of service: 22 years

Evaluation performed by: Mr. Tony Williams

Executive Director

OSE Machineries Pvt. Ltd.

Date of evaluation: 16th February, 2013

The following points have been highlighted after evaluating the professional performance of Jacob Smith – Sales Director, OSE Machineries Pvt. Ltd.:

Interactive Skills:

The basic quality required in the employees of the Sales department is a strong hold on verbal abilities and communication skills – one which is present in the maximum possible amount in Jacob, which helps him make a unique identity amongst peers as well as convince clients effectively. Jacob can excellently put across the sales ideas to company managers and shareholders with confidence and precision.

Analytical Skills:

An impressive quality possessed by the sales director in question is his ability to identify market trends and understand its effect on sales. Jacob has provided the company with important suggestions at times of emergencies.

Leadership abilities and Team spirits:

Jacob fits into the role of a Sales Director perfectly, considering the impact he has on his juniors and peers as well. Although a successful leader, Jacob never fails to compromise and take in valid suggestions while working in a group.

Achievements as a Sales Director:

  • Winner of the Best Employee Awards [Sales], 2012
  • 25% increase in sales for Winter, 2012 in the areas of New York and Chicago
  • Constant development of sales techniques and improvement of sales figures by incorporating fresh ideas for sale of machineries

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