Sales Consultant Evaluation

A sales consultant evaluation document contains important records put in after effective analysis of an individual who works as a consultant for sales in some firm or company. The job of the sales consultant is to provide the organization with fresh ideas for selling of products/services that would help maximize its profits.

The evaluation must be performed in a genuine and proper manner that would study the performance of the sales consultant and underline his/her strengths as well as weaknesses.

Sample Sales Consultant Evaluation:

Name: Julio Stewart

Company associated with: RAYVAN FURNISHINGS

Date of Joining the Company: 15th August, 2007

Age: 53 years

Previous work experience: Sales Manager, Risbon House [New York]

Executive Director – Sales, Johware Furnishings [New Jersey]

Evaluation conducted by: Thomas Henry

COM, Rayvan Furnishings

New York

Date of performing evaluation: 14th February, 2013

Specific characteristics of the Sales Consultant Evaluation:

  • Julio has worked as a sales employee in various other companies for a long span of time and thus possesses clear ideas regarding the sale of furnishing items in the State.
  • His span of work as a sales consultant in this company has witnessed major achievements such as the company earning a major share of $4,25,000 in furnishing
  • contract with General Stores, San Francisco, 28% increase in the sales for the fiscal year 2009-10, gradual increase in sales in the Chicago, New Jersey, and Texas belts by an even 10% annually.
  • Julio interacts with the employees of Rayvan Furnishings nicely and provides the company with trustworthy consultancy services all throughout the year and in all seasons of sales projects.
  • This consultant has a keen eye in the market surveys and provides important data for effective sales of the company.
  • Julio performs competitor analysis studies as well for the company and identifies the areas of major threats as per professional hardships are concerned.

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